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Welcome to Chennai Gastro Care

Chennai Gastro Care is one of the few institutions specialised in addressing the various ailments of the digestive tract. It is also one of the Gastro Cares in Chennai to have brought about relief in multitudes, to many, suffering from gastro problems. Find the best integrated care, effective cure and empathetic guidance towards recovery and regaining good health – all at one place from the leading gastroenterologist in Chennai.

The clinic is headed by Dr. Deepak, the best bariatric surgeon in Chennai. He has had extensive experience in treating conditions like Hernia, Gall bladder ailments, Bariatric surgeries and obesity. His vision of extending empathetic care has laid the foundation for Chennai Gastro Care, a centre aimed at comprehensive excellence in treatment, not only in terms of diagnosis or treatment but also in the overall care leading to the transformation of healthy individuals.

The clinic, apart from boasting the best gastro specialist also takes pride in leading the space of laparoscopic surgery in Chennai. With the tool of technology in hand and profound expertise in practice, the Chennai Gastro Care is the go-to centre for finding practical care and assured relief. In the field of medicine, it is not only knowledge but also experience that adds credibility and validity to diagnosis. In this aspect, the Chennai Gastro Care scores full points.

Though the clinic caters to all gastroenterology ailments, it also specialises in dealing with certain specialities. One of them is obesity. Obesity is one of the most-battled issues that individuals of all ages face. Bariatric surgery is performed to help individuals get out of the trapping clutches of obesity – the deadly lifestyle disorder. Treating the condition of obesity requires tact and careful consideration. Dr Deepak is experienced in handling bariatric surgery in Chennai. Minimal invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgeries in the field of gastroenterology has enabled breakthroughs in the treatment and relief of many. It is in this area that Dr. Deepak has been established as the best laparoscopic surgeon in Chennai, which can be validated by the numerous success stories he has been instrumental in.

About Doctor

Renowned as one of the top bariatric surgeons in Chennai with an experience of more than 6 years, Dr. Deepak has performed over 2000 Basic and Advanced laparoscopic surgeries, and around 3000 Upper GI Endoscopies. He has gained varied exposure in the fields of Digestive Care, Minimal Access Surgery and Bariatric Surgery over these years, empowering him to provide the best care there is in these aspects.

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Dr. Deepak Subramanian

Sr. Consultant- Laparoscopic (Gastro) and Bariatric Surgery

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