Great Food Sources for Good Cholesterols


Each body is unique and has its own set of dietary needs. Even though we all require the same nutrients and proteins, the amount of each element needed for a body depends on the gender, geography, cultural and lifestyle and various other factors. This is what makes finding the secret for that perfect diet, a very difficult process.

This is the major barrier for the doctors and medical professionals to derive the best diet for the human race. There are good foods and there are bad foods. If you stick to good foods, there are some bad consequences you may face, and if you avoid bad foods, there are some good elements that you may miss.

For example, cholesterol is considered as the first food to avoid and last to consider to eat. But you might have already heard by now that there are some really ‘good’ cholesterols that you cannot offered to miss.

This article helps you finding the set of some really good cholesterols that you should make a part of your every day diet plan. Read ahead to know more about them and take that first step to live a healthy life!

What is a Good Cholesterol?

Popped up the obvious question in mind already? Here is your answer - A good cholesterol or also known as High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) helps in removing the excess cholesterol in the blood, in the arteries and prevents the formation of plaque.

While there are many sources for you to give bad cholesterol, there are very few that gives you that cholesterol that you and your body needs. Here is a list of foods that makes your diet wholesome by giving the best of the cholesterols.


Gain a whole lot of good cholesterol with wholegrains. In fact, they deserve to get a permanent position in your menu. Wholegrains can be your practical food source as they are easy to digest, high on energy and nutrients and simple to prepare.

Try cereals, brown rice and bran on a regular note to keep up your good cholesterol levels. Trying oatmeal for breakfast or dinner would be a good idea to keep up your HDLs.

Fatty Fish

If you have an affinity towards seafood, this is for you! Fatty fish such as salmons, mackerel, albacore tuna, sardines and rainbow trout can be your choice of fatty fish for better good cholesterol levels in the body.

Two servings of fish every two weeks can refill the good cholesterol needs in the body to a great deal. You can also avail it through fish oil supplements.

Olive Oil

Oils do not fall under the good opinions of many people. But many dishes that we consume need oil irrespective of our opinions. Taste comes before opinions! A complex situation!

Ease out the situation by replacing the regular oils with olive oil. It is known for the oil type that reduces inflammatory issues in the body and also decreases the chance of getting a heart attack.


These are super fruits for those who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels. You can have them as part of your breakfast or include slices in the fruit salad as a snack.

Rich in folate and monounsaturated fat, avocados can come into your rescue in fighting the heart diseases, accumulation of plaque in the arteries and consuming the bad cholesterol or LDL.


Almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios and other nuts can be your rich HDL sources on a daily basis. Grab a handful of them or half of a cup everyday can check the important box in your diet.

However, a few nuts are high on calories. You might want to get your calory intake checked. Consult your doctor before you start consuming nuts.

Here is Something You Can Add -

Relying on food can increase your HDL levels but it is your physical activity that burns your LDL. Involve in some physical activity every day to keep your health on track.

Always keep a check on the level of cholesterol in body and if you find anything out of track, get in touch with the doctor for gastroenterology .



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